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We are an organisation, with a wide range of experience and expertise. Built upon the extensive knowledge and unique skills of our core personnel, Caithness Engineering Services offers a wide range of specialist services and bespoke engineering packages tailored to meet the exacting requirements of projects at any scale.

We aim to provide the reassurance of an experienced hand, while bringing a fresh, new, dynamic and adaptable approach to our business. The result? The implementation of our years of knowledge and experience with the benefits of a modern and efficient service specifically designed to deliver everything you require in a friendly, interactive and professional manner.


As an independent and ethically minded company it ensures we have no restrictions or predefined objectives allowing us to adapt and respond to our clients specific requirements without being driven down a pre-defined corporate route.
This enables us to take an unbiased approach to all aspects of our business allowing us to provide our clients with a wide range of potential services and solutions.


We understand that the business environment is constantly changing and at times project scopes require adaptation. With that in mind, we strive to be as flexible as possible in delivering our solutions to best fulfil the desired outcomes of our clients.


Our clients satisfaction is at the forefront of our organisation and we ensure that we take the time to fully understand every aspect of their requirements at every stage of a project. We will develop a tailored project proposal focused on meeting all client needs in a way that delivers project aims efficiently, sensitively and professionally.

Deployable Sectors


Caithness was one of the main locations of civil nuclear development in the UK. This has led to our team developing an in-depth knowledge of the sector. As the sector moves from its traditional operational approach into decommissioning and new technology development, we can draw from our team’s extensive experience and knowledge gained over many years in both civil and MOD branches to support fully operational nuclear establishments through the decommissioning of complex process plants or development of new innovative nuclear initiatives. 

Oil & Gas

As the keystone of the Scottish energy sector evolves with new and innovative technologies so do we. Bringing experience in ensuring the compliance of new and operational assets through to decommissioning of redundant assets, this is an area in which we have extensive knowledge consolidated into a specialist web-based data management platform enabling full client integration and asset data management. 


Our cross-sector experience and expertise enables us to support renewable industry clients with the identification of areas of potential risk while assisting with resilience planning and ensuring compliance. Whether it’s wind energy, hydro power, solar, or the emerging use of Hydrogen that is set to revolutionise our infrastructure in the coming years, Caithness Engineering Services endeavours to play a key role in the drive towards a much more sustainable future for us all. 


Scotland endeavours to break new ground into this latest of frontiers and our dynamic, forward-thinking methodology positions us as the ideal partner to support development within this sector. 



Delivering bespoke consultancy services specifically tailored to our client’s requirements.

Engineering Support

Providing tailored engineering solutions, from engineering substantiation of existing infrastructure, to the delivery of innovative bespoke engineering solutions.

Project Management

Provision of bespoke project management services ensuring the delivery of client’s critical projects both on time and cost as efficiently as possible.

Testing & Commission Support

Providing clients with the appropriate engineering support required to ensure all testing and commissioning of new or updated plant and equipment is conducted both effectively and efficiently using our bespoke web-based applications.

Independent Third Party Services

Providing our clients with a full range of specialist third party services:

  • Independent engineering substantiation
  • Independent third-party inspection
  • Independent third-party verification
  • Independent pre-release inspection of plant/material/equipment
  • Independent third party witness of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Audit Services

Our audit services conducted in a fresh and innovative auditing manner, results in improved time and cost performance through procedural enhancement. Our specially developed web-based auditing package optimises the process and ongoing data management, identifying strategic weaknesses within the business structure then assisting with the development and implementation of risk reduction solutions.

ISO 9001:2015

Our auditing services will assist you in developing carefully refined management systems at ISO 9001:2015 standard, helping to realise the full potential of your business at a strategic and procedural level

A New Approach

As engineers it is almost written in our DNA to find new ways to improve, advance, innovate. To look at things in ways they have never been looked at before while thinking of how they can be made more efficient, safer or more sustainable.

Our world is constantly changing and for us it is not a question of playing catch-up, but about remaining ahead of the curve.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of market means we understand the direction of our core markets. This allows us to anticipate future technologies and practices which ensures we remain ahead of the curve to provide the finest and most cutting-edge solutions the industry has to offer.

Our years of collective experience has presented us with a unique opportunity to bring our vision to life in a pragmatic way through carefully managed, well thought out projects, ensuring full client interaction and risk management, culminating in your success!


Kenny Sutherland

Kenny Sutherland has over 15 years of invaluable engineering / project experience working within the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors. This has involved Engineering management of offshore assets for international clients as the lead engineer, design development of offshore production systems and project delivery of complex Nuclear decommissioning through innovative engineering solutions. 

Over the years, Kenny has been involved in the design, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning of well production equipment. Servicing, redeployment and management of offshore assets. Management of new build plant installations of systems and infrastructures. Maintaining ageing Nuclear engineering assets in hazardous environments. Project delivery of Nuclear decommissioning activities. 

Kenny’s specialist knowledge lies in Mechanical Engineering / Project management / Lead external auditor services. Delivering cradle to grave Engineering support for Surface production offshore systems to industry standards and regulations. Bringing design concepts through to manufacture and installation. To then handling the maintenance, servicing and rework all delivered to the clients specification. Finally the more recent addition of accredited external auditing capabilities.

Graham Robertson

Graham has over 30 years of invaluable engineering and facility/project management experience, working predominantly in the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors. This has involved the completion of compliance audits and regulatory surveys for offshore assets. The design, implementation and maintenance of complex innovative engineering solutions and project/facility management of ageing nuclear assets whilst managing a team of operations and engineering personnel.

Over the years, Graham has been involved in the installation, testing, and commissioning of existing equipment, new build plant systems and rig conversion projects located offshore, onshore and within shipyards throughout the UK, Europe. He has also been involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of complex engineering systems / equipment within the nuclear sector before moving into the management of decommissioning activities and operations personnel in facility and project management roles.

Graham’s specialist knowledge lies in Electrical Engineering / Project / Facility management / Certified lead external auditor. He also has an acute awareness of the legislative requirements of operational and decommissioning assets in highly regulated and hazardous business sectors. 

John Malcolm

A chartered engineer with the ImechE, John brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency from his time spent in the Nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors. Having worked most recently within the Oil & Gas sector performing compliance audits and regulatory surveys testing package and plant performance. 

John has been involved in the installation, testing and commissioning of new build plant systems and rig conversion projects within the UK, Europe and North Africa, located offshore, onshore and within shipyards.  

During his time in the nuclear sector he worked on operational and decommissioning nuclear plants, focussing on the manufacturing and repair of components, waste facilities, decontamination and upgrade of the operational nuclear plant and played a crucial role in the full decommissioning of plant and work to determine the most appropriate waste streams and methods for the redundant plant and coolant. Furthermore, he has participated in commissioning a review of plant primary and secondary systems before initial criticality and initial criticality testing of a new design reactor core before and during normal operation. 

John Crowden

John Crowden has over 35 years of invaluable engineering experience working within the Oil & Gas and nuclear sectors. This has involved the completion of compliance audits, regulatory surveys and project management roles controlling a team of other surveyors. 

Over the years, John has been involved in the installation, testing, and commissioning of existing equipment, new build plant systems and rig conversion projects within the UK, Europe and the Far East – located offshore, onshore and within shipyards. He has also been involved in the training of staff in the UK, Europe and the Far East in the skills and knowledge required to become a qualified Oil & Gas surveyor/auditor. 

In addition, John has specialist knowledge in testing package and plant performance as well as the review of maintenance and integrity systems against agreed standards for various Oil & Gas operators also applying his qualification as a certified lead external auditor. He has also served within the Nuclear sector on operational and plants under-going decommissioning completing project management and maintenance management roles. 

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